Clinically we look to control these four pillars with our 4R strategy.

Our 4R strategy can disrupt traditional healthcare.

It means we can map and positively impact epigenetic age


Agents that trigger an inflammatory response. These agents can be parasites, chemicals, leaky gut, stress factors, inflammatory foods, and more.


The human biochemistry. Replenish process includes micronutrients, bioidentical hormones, and small molecules. “Small molecules are about peptide hormone molecules which are hard to find. These molecules have their days counted in the US despite clinical efficacy and lack of side effects. The FDA will soon remove the use of these molecules from the US market. An example of a small molecule is insulin; as we know, the discovery of insulin has impacted our global milieu.


Biochemistry always precedes physiology and psychology. It is essential to optimize the gut flora and the body’s microbiome. The discipline of psycho-biotics is and will continue to grow. It is a well-known fact that 90% of the serotonin in the human body is made in the gut. It is safe to say that gut microbiota and flora optimization are fundamental for every human’s physiology and psychology.


Humans need to rest and recover fully. Humanity suffers from sleep. When optimal deep sleep is achieved, there are clear improvements in the human experience and health.


Our current global healthcare is set to implode on itself.

Clinically our current healthcare model does not look at a root cause of pathologies. It is a one size fits all model vs. our model which is a personalized data driven approach model.


There are 12,000 documented diseases world wide and counting. There are 129 documented autoimmune diseases and counting. These numbers have only been rising and will continue to rise if we don’t take action.

With advent of epigenetics we are able to understand that we are almost a direct product of our environment and because our environment is sick, as a consequence humanity is also becoming more sick.


By optimizing the four pillars of disease we are able to create a massively positive impact on health, performance and longevity. The laws of nature have been given to us since the inception of humanity and the
earth. By respecting these laws and understanding their essence we are able to unlock the humans to a higher flow state.



If we decrease morbidity by 50%… there is a 7 year decrease in mortality.

By applying the 4 Rs strategy: REMOVE, REPLENISH, REINOCULATE, RECOVER We can positively impact epigenetic age. By using the epigenetic age marker we can show our clients (B2C) or the C-Suite of corporations (B2B) the positive impact of our health strategy on THEIR PERFORMANCE & LONGEVITY.

Other positive impacts on corporations can be further discussed.

Biohax Proof of Concept


By repeating the laws of nature and of the human; what we call “The Grand Design”. We will optimize performance and longevity.

We are passionate without measure about showing humanity their healing power within as long as laws of nature are abided by.

This presentation looks to create partners and touch the hearts of those who believe in the same. We would be humbled to have your help and support in our already extremely successful yet small model. Our concept is proven and now we look to expand our mission worldwide and attract others in the same path.

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