“How we do it”

Biohax Mission

To elevate all human beings to their ultimate performance and challenge the boundaries of their longevity by reconnecting them with the ancient code and grand design of human existence.

The answer to human health, longer life and happiness has always been right in front of us: Respect and live by the laws of Nature and the human experience will be optimal.

(We know it’s possible. Because we’re doing it.)

Biohax Sources of Inspiration

  • Functional medicine
  • Holistic medicine
  • Alternative medicine
  • Orthomolecular medicine

Hallmarks of the Biohax medicine approach

Personalized data-driven approach

We don’t make assumptions or guesses. Our approach is entirely based on what our clients’ biochemistry reveals. We use the most advanced and comprehensive laboratory tests and diagnostic technology to assess and manage our clients’ care. With that precise and objective data, we then prescribe a combination of medicines, supplements, diet, and lifestyle changes to address the client’s unique and specific needs.

Science-based approach

The body is not a combination of isolated systems. All systems are deeply connected and dysfunction needs to be assessed at a holistic level. Instead of looking at symptoms, we have to look upstream to address the causes. We cannot forget how our physiology works. It’s crucial to consider each client’s unique genetic makeup, along with internal (mind, body, and spirit) and external (environmental) factors that influence our biology.

Concierge services

Our focus is always patient-centered. Your goals are our goals. Instead of just trying to get our clients to “feel better”, we provide a full-on concierge experience so we can better understand what’s bothering our clients and where they want to excel and thrive. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. And, the care of each client is invariably tailored to their requests and individual needs.

The problem

The pillars of aging and disease

Our Solution

Our 5R strategy can disrupt traditional healthcare.


Agents that trigger an inflammatory response. These agents can be parasites, chemicals, leaky gut, stress factors, inflammatory foods, and more.


The human biochemistry. Replenish process includes micronutrients, bioidentical hormones, and small molecules. “Small molecules are about peptide hormone molecules which are hard to find. These molecules have their days counted in the US despite clinical efficacy and lack of side effects. The FDA will soon remove the use of these molecules from the US market. An example of a small molecule is insulin; as we know, the discovery of insulin has impacted our global milieu.


Biochemistry always precedes physiology and psychology. It is essential to optimize the gut flora and the body’s microbiome. The discipline of psycho-biotics is and will continue to grow. It is a well-known fact that 90% of the serotonin in the human body is made in the gut. It is safe to say that gut microbiota and flora optimization are fundamental for every human’s physiology and psychology.


Humans need to rest and recover fully. Humanity suffers from sleep. When optimal deep sleep is achieved, there are clear improvements in the human experience and health.


7 Pathways of Health


At the most basic level, all living beings are made of cells. If our cells are not functioning as they should, all systems become compromised. Cells are responsible for producing our energy, which is the ultimate currency of life. It’s crucial to boost our mitochondria (energy factories) and reduce oxidative stress (which harms the cell and causes systemic inflammation). Cellular health is frequently overlooked but is one of the most important pathways to health.


A compromised immune system (either through under or over-activation) can cause inflammation levels to get out of control. When inflammation levels run rampant, all systems are compromised. The body shifts into emergency mode trying to put out all the fires. This is one of the main causes of disease, pain, and even weight gain. It’s crucial to modulate and optimize the immune response so the body can keep inflammation levels under control.


Hormones and neurotransmitters manage all biological systems. More and more, due to our modern lifestyle, these chemical messengers become out of balance and start providing instructions that compromise our health. Assessing and optimizing our hormones and neurotransmitters is crucial to unlocking our best health.


The digestive system is our first gateway to health. We need a strong digestive system so we can absorb all of the nutrients needed for all biological processes. Additionally, the digestive system also serves as the main barrier against toxins in our food. If this barrier is compromised, external aggressors can invade our body and cause inflammation. Finally, it is in our gut that many neurotransmitters are produced so it is essential to have a balanced microbiome.


In the world that we live in, it’s inevitable to be exposed to environmental toxins. We can (and should) minimize that exposure but we cannot block it completely. That is why our bodies should be primed to stimulate the detox pathways. Having an efficient detoxification system will allow us to prevent diseases and inflammation due to toxin buildup.


Our diet, emotional state, lifestyle choices, and exposure to environmental toxins will dictate how our genes operate and ultimately our bodies express their health. Genetics surely can influence our health journey, but our environment is what determines the expression of those genes (aka epigenetics). Depending on how we manage our lifestyle choices and environment, we can activate/inactivate our “bad” genes.


In the same way your biochemistry can influence your emotional state, your emotional state can also influence your biochemistry and physiology. Our body and mind are intertwined. Thus, there is no point in exclusively focusing on the body when the mind can also compromise the healing process. The body and mind need to be worked holistically so we can achieve the desired health goals.

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