“Our Story”

You know how some of us feel like something isn’t right within us? And we just keep pushing hoping better days will come? Well that is exactly what happened to our founder Dr. Marcos de Andrade, most commonly and affectionately known as Dr. De. After medical school Dr. De went on to complete a research year in the metabolic institute of a very prestigious hospital. Nevertheless, he was being diagnosed by his own colleagues with depression. He just didn’t feel right. No energy, had lost his drive, focus and his body was beginning to not respond to his training and healthy eating lifestyle.

Disruptors and innovators of the healthcare space who combine nature and technology together to bring humanity back to how we were designed to operate. Thus, optimizing performance and longevity so that we may increase health-span and life-span.

That’s when he quit traditional medicine and began to search for answers of why he didn’t feel like he once felt – that high energy resilient young man. That’s where Dr. De went back to the basics and started to study his own physiology, biochemistry and immunology and the impact these sacred sciences were having on his overall human experience. Dr. De soon concluded he was simply out of balance and his body and brain were just trying to tell him that.

The process Dr. De applied to improving his life was really simple. He began by collecting data to see exactly what was happening inside of him. He was able to see the things he had to remove from his life, like bad foods, heavy metals, chemicals etc. He then went on to see what he had to replenish in his blood and that’s where he saw he was having a lot of troubles all the way from hormones to vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants he had massive deficiencies. After, he learned to balance his gut flora which he always had troubles with. He struggled with a bad gut since medical school having many horrible episodes of heartburn which led him to take unnecessary medications. Finally, Dr. De learned how to improve his recovery and get that delta wave sleep for optimal performance.

Dr. De realized that we can’t accomplish much if we don’t feel great and you only have so much time.

As each day passed by Dr. De began to feel better and he began to feel like himself again – and even better. Basically, Dr. De began to feel like a comeback story.

That’s where Dr. De realized he could help more people to feel at their best by optimizing their physiology and becoming their best version, BioHax was born.


“Biohax was born out of my pain of not feeling well and being diagnosed with depression.
What I had was adrenal fatigue. After addressing the adrenal fatigue and other factors in my blood that were off, I became my comeback kid. The first Biohax Human.

The Biohax Human

lives more than the good life.
lives the Grand Designed life.
the superhuman life.
Jumps out of bed
Dives headfirst into new things
Is Radiant
Is Joyful
Is Spiritually centered
Is Optimistically directed
Is Positively aggressive about their health
Is Feels the fruits of their wellness in every cell of their body
Is Balanced
Is In harmony with healing
Is In harmony with nature
Is In harmony with
Is everything.