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Diagnostic Testing in Miami, FL

At Biohax in Miami, FL, we take a comprehensive approach to wellness and help patients become proactive about their current and future health through customized precision diagnostic testing. We use detailed biochemical analysis to optimize health and wellness and develop a treatment plan that includes custom-tailored methods that will work together to improve quality of life, enhance performance, and promote longevity.

Precision Diagnostic Testing: Biochemical Analysis

At Biohax, we perform biochemical analysis to assess patients’ health, pinpoint the root cause of health concerns or conditions that require treatment, and then design a treatment plan that improves their lives through performance optimization and longevity optimization.

With performance optimization, we help patients perform better, promoting functionality and quality of life. Longevity optimization involves taking intentional steps through a customized treatment plan to extend lifespan by reversing DNA age.

The Biohax Difference

Our precision diagnostic testing and biochemical analysis consider every aspect of health and wellness. Instead of masking symptoms or prescribing a temporary solution for a chronic health condition, we evaluate each patient’s health, carefully examining different aspects and performing tests to determine what exactly is or could be affecting their bodies.

Then, we can move forward with a performance and longevity optimization treatment plan that never treats toxins with toxins but aims to rid the body of those toxins and free radicals while modulating the immune system response.

What Are the Benefits of Precision Diagnostic Testing?

At Biohax, we offer several different testing options, each of which can meet the needs of patients who want to take that first proactive step to learn more about their health and undergo the right treatments to heal, repair, and strengthen their bodies while prolonging their lifespan. These tests can help you identify and eliminate the cause of symptoms that have been affecting you for months or years.

Major Organ Function, Hormones, Thyroid, and Cardiometabolic Panel

One of the primary diagnostics we perform tests major organ function, hormone levels, thyroid function, and cardiometabolic health. If any of these systems are imbalanced or not functioning optimally, it will negatively impact your health, performance, and longevity. Learning more about your major organ function, hormone and thyroid levels, and cardiometabolic health will help pinpoint issues, so we can take steps to correct them.

Micronutrients, Food Sensitivities, and Additives

Taking a nutritional supplement or multivitamin may give you peace of mind, but if your system isn’t using essential micronutrients, that supplement is virtually worthless. Micronutrient testing helps determine whether you’re absorbing the nutrients in your food and supplements. We also test for food sensitivities and allergies to determine whether certain foods and additives are contributing to fatigue, bloating after eating, chronic inflammation, or a leaky gut.

Epigenetic Age

Our diagnostic testing also measures epigenetic age, which refers to how fast you’re aging compared to your biological age. Accelerating aging is aging faster than the calendar year. Your DNA age is your actual age, so once you learn more about that number and how to reverse it, you’ll never have to let your biological age define you or your health.

Genetic Study

A Genetic Study is a part of our detailed testing process that examines each patient’s genes to better understand their current and future health. It also determines which genes are present, which can be passed on, any gene variants, and it can even determine genetic disorders. Learning more about your genetic makeup can pinpoint your health condition and help us optimize treatment plans.


The DEXA Scan is a non-invasive, full-body scan that tests body composition, determining each patient’s bone density, muscle mass, and body fat percentages. This full-body map allows us to pinpoint exactly where each patient is at the start of a treatment plan, and it can also track progress after implementing dietary and lifestyle changes over time.

Gut Health and Stool Testing: Full Gut Microbiome Analysis

The gut has been called the “second brain” for a good reason. Gut health is often underrated, as it affects health and daily life more than most people realize. An unhealthy or leaky gut leads to negative symptoms that impact quality of life.

A full gut microbiome analysis is a stool test that provides insight into gut health by testing gut flora and determining the root cause of certain health conditions or symptoms, so we can take steps to heal the gut and promote improved gut health, thus eliminating those symptoms. We also test for intestinal permeability, which can cause IBS, SIBO, and leaky gut.

Gluten-Associated Cross-Reactive Foods

Many people suffer from gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity but are unaware of the effect that gluten-associated cross-reactive foods can have on the system. Our testing can determine whether certain foods impact your system the same way that gluten can, causing unpleasant symptoms. These cross-reactive foods mimic gluten intolerance, so even if you live gluten-free, they could still impact your health.

Essentially, the body treats these cross-reactive foods as gluten, so determining how your body reacts to them and eliminating them can significantly impact how you feel.

Chemical and Pathogen-Associated Autoimmunity

Chemical and Pathogen-Associated Autoimmunity testing can determine if exposure to certain chemicals and pathogens has or is at risk of triggering an autoimmune condition. Autoimmune disease affects countless men and women, sometimes unbeknownst to them. Determining whether a patient is suffering from one of these diseases and then treating the root cause can significantly improve health, wellness, and quality of life.

Environmental Toxins (Heavy Metals, Mycotoxins, etc.)

We are exposed to environmental toxins daily, but lifestyle and diet choices can significantly increase that exposure. Environmental toxin testing can determine whether your system is overloaded with common toxins like heavy metals and mycotoxins, so we can detoxify the system and implement methods and lifestyle changes to reduce exposure and eliminate the symptoms definitive of toxin overload.

Neurotransmitter Study

The Neurotransmitter Study tests the health and function of the body’s neurotransmitters to determine whether they’re operating as designed or whether you’re suffering from a neurotransmitter imbalance, which can cause symptoms that affect physical, mental, and emotional health. Testing neurotransmitter health will help us optimize the right treatment plan.

Blood-Brain Barrier

The blood-brain barrier protects the brain, allowing nutrients to pass through to promote optimal brain health. However, different factors can affect the strength and permeability of this barrier, leaving it vulnerable to harm and allowing unwanted substances to pass through. When harmful substances pass through this barrier, the result negatively impacts daily life and overall health and wellness, affecting everything from quality sleep to causing chronic inflammation.

By testing the strength and performance of this barrier, we can determine whether you’re suffering from a leaky blood-brain barrier and then take steps to strengthen that barrier to promote both brain and mental health.

Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen

The Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen provides insight into current and future health by measuring predictive autoantibodies. It can help determine whether patients are at risk of or have already sustained tissue damage in organs that could be or has the potential to significantly affect health and wellness.

Predictive Cancer Screen

A Predictive Cancer Screen is a diagnostic we perform to determine if patients are predisposed to certain cancers based on their genetic makeup. By learning which cancers are a potential risk, we can fine-tune a treatment plan that can reduce that risk through performance and longevity optimization.

ARX Adaptive Resistance

ARX Adaptive Resistance is a strength measurement that can help patients fine-tune their bodies and improve overall body composition with a customized strength training routine tailored to their current abilities and body goals.

This advanced technology can measure current strength and then implement the right training protocol to improve the safety and effectiveness of a resistance training program, resulting in improved bone density, balanced hormones, increased muscle mass, and healthy weight loss.

Lower Your DNA Age, Optimize Your Health, and Extend Your Lifespan

Our complete biochemical analysis and precision diagnostic testing options allow you to invest in your current and future health. This in-depth testing will provide invaluable insight into your body, so you can be proactive about your health and take the necessary steps to promote longevity through a treatment plan that will optimize your health and wellness and improve your quality of life.

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