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The Experience

Biohax Journey

Discovery (DIS)

This is our first meeting. We introduce you to Biohax, our philosophy, what we do, and discover where we can go with an in-depth look into your biochemistry.

Blood Draw (BD)

Our phlebotomist performs your blood draw either in our office or in the comfort of your own home.

Performance Evaluations (P1, P2, P3)

These appointments are to evaluate the results from your blood work exam(s).

Arrival/Delivery of your products

5-10 days after your P1 (or when you place an order). You can expect to receive a few separate packages, since the products ship from various pharmacies.

Physical (Dr. Silva or Dr. Nguyen)

If one or more of your products are controlled substances (like testosterone or HCG), the pharmacy requires that you have a physical with one of our prescribing physicians. This can be done in person or over telemedicine.

RN Visit

Once your products arrive, our nurse will come visit you to walk you through all your new products, how to administer them, and to get you set up for success.

Follow Ups (from Fl - F5)

Part of your program includes Bi-weekly follow ups. These are 30 minute check ups, either in person or via telemedicine, scheduled in advance on a day/time that works for you. Follow up #1 (F1) is scheduled 2 weeks after your RN Visit. Each Follow up is then 2 weeks apart.

Redraw (BD)

After your follow ups are completed over the next eight weeks, we will coordinate another blood draw to review your progress, “PRE.”

Performance RE-Evaluation (PRE)

This appointment is to review and analyze your total progress, biochemically speaking. We cross reference your new results with the previous ones to provide you a clear before and after picture of your journey to optimized human performance.

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